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William Wenban Line
This Page is dedicated to Lorna Jennaway (Nee Wenban) & Archie Wenban who have done so much work to make this information possible.
In order to track the William Wenban line, we have to travel back to the South of England, back to the Weald where all we Wenbans originated. We can track our Williams line back absolutely to 1663, to our Williams Gt, Gt ,Gt. Grandfather!

For the interest of readers I shall briefly list Williams ancestry line.Father to son.

John       Born 1663 Died 1732        Married... Ann Waterhouse.
Thomas  Born 1689 Died 1745        Married... Mary Paris
Thomas  Born 1719 Died 1795        Married....Susanna Veness
Thomas   Born 1746 Died 1835        Married....Mary Longley on the 9th of December 1772 & Both signed the register "WENBAN"

This brings us to our Williams' & Johns' parents below.
William    Born 1773 Died 1845        Married...Dinah Burgis
William   Born 1802 Died 1879        Married...Mary Ann Odium


Extract from Archie Wenban's book "rude Forefathers"

William arrived 1st September 1839, almost a year after John on board a similar but larger ship the "Cornwall". He and his wife left Gravesend with seven children of whom only four survived. They settled in Sydney where two more children were born in 1843 and 1846. Of his descendants two had some success in the arts . Raymond Stewart Wenban, Williams Great Grandson was an artist who at the time of an exhibition of Australian art in London in the 1920's was in London. He took the opportunity to visit the estate at Wadhurst Sussex which bears the Wenban family name. A watercolour sketch of the farmhouse and barn which he painted is owned by one of Bertram Wenban's grandsons, Edward Eric, now resident in Bognor Regis Sussex. Raymond's brother Ozmund Mckenzie Wenban "Ossie" was an actor and singer with the Australian Gilbert & Sullivan D'Oyley Carte Productions for some years and has appeared on television programmes such as the early "Homicide " series and played "Joe" in "Dad & Dave Our Selection" the early Australian movie series depicting life on the farm in outback Australia which is believed was based on David Wenban's farm at Red Hill N.S.W.
Another Branch of the same family had a son who was killed in the Malaysian Campain of 1939-45 war.
L/Cpl. Alan Wenban, son of William Percy Henry Wenban is one of the hundreds commemorated at the Kranji War Graves Cemetary overlooking the Johore Straights across which the Japanese invaded Singapore from the Malayan Peninsular. In the 1970 Telephone Book for the Sydney area there are 18 Wenbans' and 8 Wenborns' listed.

Ebenezer Wenban Paint shop, Mosman - Janet and Al Wenban
Ebenezer and Celia Wenban
Catherine Amelia Wenban (1)
WENBAN, Ray - WWI Veteran & young friend at Dawn Service AWM, Canberra 1990
Ray Wenban, Lorna Jennaways' ( nee Wenban) father