Wenbans Farm Location
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51° 02' 38"N.     0° 19' 45"E.
Wenbans Farm as photographed  from my “Google” helicopter, from 1266 feet altitude.The grounds around the farmhouse can be clearly seen with the original Tudor house, just to the right of the "Wenbans pin". There are also a few yeoman's cottages and a tennis court and swimming-pool with spa! which I’m positive were not there during the 1300’s. There was also a forge on the property at one stage for the manufacture  of iron, which  the area was renowned for in the early centuries.The Forge is described  as a bloomery which was a very simple early way of  producing iron from oxides.
The photo below depicts the main Manor house . The original property encompassed about 100 acres with several serf cottages which have now been subdivided and sold off .

Modern map
Old ordnance map c1825
To the left. Location of Wenbans Farm as seen from my “Google” Space Shuttle 567 miles up.
This gives a much better perspective to those of you who have no idea where Wadhurst is located.

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Thirty miles South of London and half way to the South coast of England lies an area of outstanding natural beauty combined with a fascinating history called the Weald. This was, to the Saxons of 900AD, part of Andredesweald (the forest of Andred the Roman fort at Pevensey), that stretched from the marshes of Kent to the New Forest in Hampshire - 120 miles long and 30 miles wide. The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex encompasses the Lancaster Great Park formed in 1372 and renamed as the Ashdown Forest in 1672.
This is the land, on the site of an ancient Saxon chieftains village where the "Wenban " family name was formed.